Basic Awareness Driver Training

It is compulsory for new members to complete a basic awareness course. Comprising of an evening theory session, which lasts approximately three hours, detailing Four Wheel Drive Victoria's "code of ethics". It also covers;

  • The differences between a 2WD and a 4WD vehicle,

  • How a 4WD works

  • Free wheeling hubs

  • Selectable and full time 4WD

  • When to select low range

  • Transmission windup (what it is and how it occurs)

  • Stall stop uphill and downhill for manual vehicles, and the emergency stop procedure for automatics

  • How to travel across rocks, ruts, and how to drive in mud, sand, snow, and water crossings

  • Demonstration showing the correct method required joining 2 or more snatch straps together

Practical session is a full day covering approach and departure angles, stall stop uphill and downhill, side slopes, and wheel articulation. Demonstration of the preparation needed for a river crossing and an actual river crossing. Sand driving and the difference tyre pressures make.